The Lazy Pelican Squad IS THE FIRST Overwater NFT SET TO INTEGRATE Augmented Reality within the World Overwater Metaverse. FOUNDED BY the team at Overwater and COMPOSED OF 10,000 UNIQUE DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES ON THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN ERC-721.

We celebrate the 4th of July by inviting the masses to join our Squad for our FREE Mint of the Latest Overwater NFT drop: Flamingo Squad. Get ready to upload yourself into the Live Metaverse with a true digital bio-linked identity. Our squad will have the power of web3 utility built within their custom profiles ready to launch in the Living Metaverse within the World Overwater. OLPS NFT Profiles will be the gateway into Overwater's Augmented Reality World. Share your NFT collection, profile, community to the world and gain access not only to the World Overwater, but IRL events and the OLPS community. Pelican & Flamingos will unite Sept. 29, 2022 in San Pedro Belize. Airdrops??? NFTs, tokens, whitelists, land, domains and much more to come. I would suggest you grab a Pelican before its too late. Join the Overwater squad and let's go shit on some APES when their yacht rolls out to sea.

How to buy an Overwater NFT? Download PDF.

Mint a Pelican .12 ETH

July 4th Free Flamingo Mint






This multiple Emmy Award© winning industry veteran has been creating animation, illustration, and games for over 25 years. He's animated many of the characters you know and love, and is currently directing multiple original feature films and series for streaming, network, and movie-going audiences worldwide.


I am a short American Chilean. I flew from the south of South America to be in the cold of Utah and to spend time with seagulls, which happens to be the state bird. I am also a graphic designer with heart eyes for a couple ventures.


Lazy Pelican Project lead and visionary of World Overwater. Engineer / Builder of Award Winning Overwater projects around the world both in reality as well as augmented reality. Metaverse pioneer bringing utility to the NFT world inviting all the experience the world from a new perspective.

Dylan Morse

Co-Founder of CONEXTION and Co-Advisor of NFT’s for limitless flight, Dylan is excited to remain in the air joining the lazy pelican squad. With his wings spread wide, Dylan is here to get done to make sure the Pelican Squad soars over the competition.




We will launch the Founders Collection of the Overwater Lazy Pelican Squad (OLPS). The set will include 10,000 Unique 2D Pelican NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Upon launch we will open our Discord channel to the Squad and Minting will be LIVE.



The Pelican Squad will have unlimited access to create their own custom Overwater Bio-Linked User Identity and they will be introduced to the World Overwater where the Pelican Squad will rule and the perks of NFT ownership will begin to be revealed.



Overwater to release a FREE NFT Collection comprised of 10,000 Flamingos that will be available to those who create and share an Overwater Bio-Identity. Those who do will unlock the ability to Mint a Flamingo NFT for FREE and become a member of OLPS. Unlock of FREE Mint will be July 1, 2022. Only 1 Flamingo NFT FREE per Ethereum Wallet.



Pelican Owners will not only have the ability to share their personal Bio-Linked Identity, but they will also have the ability to show off their NFT Collection of ART, EVENTS, & COLLABS within their identity. NFT Collection Display will be available for the Ethereum, Solana, & Polygon blockchains.



Once you have your new shiny NFT and are an official member of OLPS. You will be able to level up your Overwater Identity to Web3 by using your NFTs as verified Profile image and background.



Upon sellout of our Flamingo NFT Collection, Overwater will hold an Exclusive Virtual / Live Event at their 1st Stop on the map, San Pedro, Belize. Event will be held at the Overwater Resort Lina Point. OLPS members holding a Pelican & Flamingo NFT will be invited. Target date is Sept 15-18, 2022.



Much more to come, but know that OLPS members will have immediate access to the Presale, whitelist, and release of all Overwater NFT Collections as well as the OVERWATER TOKEN ($OVER) SALE coming late 2022. Token Airdrops, Events, & Metaverse Lands all slated for the very near future.

Ownership Perks & Utility


Community Event & Partnerships

* OLPS has partnered with World Overwater to be the first Live Metaverse platform to incorporate both 2D & 3D Lazy Pelicans into Augmented Reality experiences and events.

* Priority Access to the OVERWATER mobile app that will allow you to meet OLPS community all over the world [IOS/ Android compatibility].

* All holders will receive special access to not only the Overwater Metaverse Events, but also the Events Live in person. Exclusive OVERWATER LIVE events to be organized in most major OVERWATER cities (Belize, Miami, Fiji, Bora Bora, Maldives, Mexico)



* Access to the Presale, whitelist, and release of the OVERWATER TOKEN ($OVER) SALE Late 2022.

* Holders are guaranteed to receive $OVER airdropped to all holders after the $OVER public sale concluded.

* Owners of 3D World Overwater Pelican Collection will quality for Land Parcel Airdrops within World Overwater.


Digital Bio-Linked Identity NFT Profiles: Upload yourself into the metaverse !

* Pelican Owners will be given their very own custom URL via World Overwater to not only share their NFT Collection but verify their NFT Profile and create Augmented Reality Experiences via NFTs. Pelican Owners will have the ability to show off their NFT Collection of ART, EVENTS, & COLLABS by connecting their Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon wallets.

* NFT Profiles will offer Augmented Reality Experiences via World Overwater mobile apps.

* The OLPS NFTs are exclusive avatars usable within the Metaverse and they function as digital identities for the user. The identity gives users access to certain rights in the platform. OLPS NFTs give users the right to participate in the World Overwater Social Spaces to include overwater resorts both virtual and live in person around the world.

* The OLPS will have portions of land in the World Overwater, Sandbox, and Decentraland, wherein the Metaverse communities will be established. Accessibility to these communities will be through the Pelican Squad NFTs.


Build Virtual Business: Real world utility and mass adoption

* OLPS has a wide variety of collaborations in place - not only celebrities, but also the world's biggest brands. Discord Channel to bring Live Augmented Reality business to the World Overwater.

* Priority Access to the OVERWATER marketplace that will host NFTs / metaverse projects and establishing ourselves as a leader in the industry.

* Own Land within the Live Metaverse at World Overwater. Turn your Basic Land Parcel into a $OVER earning empire! Earn from creating experiences, reinvest into your World, watch your Empire Grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 10,000 mintable Pelican NFTs...
Mint price is .12 ETH
Once minted, simply connect your wallet to your Open Sea account to view your NFTs.
The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. The future phases in the Overwater Lazy Pelican Squad roadmap will allow you to join this Metaverse using the assets you own. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can open a ticket on the discord support-channel. A team member will get back to you shortly.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can open a ticket on the discord support-channel. A team member will get back to you shortly.